Italian Sweets & Custom Sugar cookies

For many people food and family are intimately connected.

Remembering, collecting, and passing down the recipes your loved ones have passed to you is a wonderful way to honour and celebrate your family.

These desserts below are very dear to our heart as they were passed on to us from our Nonna Valentina.

These specialty desserts from the past are part of who we are as individuals and nothing could make us more happy than to share them with you.

Italian Desserts

Our Specialties

Item Quantity
(Quantities below are the minimum order)
Specialty Italian Desserts
Cannoli 2 dozen
Amaretti 2 dozen
Cinnamon Cookies 2 dozen
Pizzelle & Bow Ties 2 dozen
Gnochette 2 dozen
Traditional Biscotti
(Chocolate chip/ Almond/ plain)
2 dozen
Nutella Filled Biscotti 2 dozen
Pesche Dolci
(Fruit Shaped Cookies)
1 dozen
Walnut shaped Cookie filled with Nutella 1 dozen
Custom Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookies (Custom Decorating) 1 dozen
Chocolate Covered Oreos 1 dozen
Sugar Cookie and Oreo prices are subject to change based on intricacy of design
Individual wrapping available * Additional Cost