About Us

Twin Sisters and Self taught cake designers Christina & Dahlia Di Alessandro are the co-owners of Valentina's Sweet Treats in Ottawa, ON.

Inspired by years of their grandmothers (Valentina) Italian homemade baking, they founded the business in 2013 to share their inspirations with you.

Christina and Dahlia have always had a passion for business. Christina had graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Management. Dahlia achieved her business diploma from Alqonquin College in Operations Management. Together they have combined their business and artistic skill sets to follow their dreams of being in business together.

Christina wears the creative and marketing hat, taking charge of all designs, cake décor, and social media platforms. Dahlia looks after sales and operations, in charge of all the baking procedures and inventory.

They say: "We complement each other very well. We can still finish each other's sentences and second guess what the other one is thinking which comes very handy in business. We like to challenge each other, but there is a trust and loyalty that only shared genes can buy!"

Their custom treats are perfect for any occasion; baked from scratch and using only the freshest of ingredients. Their sweets are the perfect way to celebrate all occasions with family and friends.

Owners Christina & Dahlia Di Alessandro

Owners Christina & Dahlia Di Alessandro